Welcome to Moroccan Contrast – Morocco Guide

We are a small team of local experts who have worked together for many years as private guides and tour leaders. We are fully licensed, and qualified to lead the future in responsible Morocco tourism. Our objective is to provide our clients Morocco travel tours with the highest level of professionalism within Morocco.

When you travel with Moroccan Contrast, you will:

Promote protection: of nature and respect of culture.

Discover new regions: in the real Morocco and have authentic experiences with local people.

Help promote sustainable tourism: by visiting traditional villages and locations that support local economies, in addition to sites already well known in best of Morocco.

Experience genuine social and cultural interactions with locals of all walks of life , to discover the true, generous heart of the Moroccan people!


Morocco as presented by MoroccanContrast

The Moroccan Contrast guide works hard to satisfy the expectations of its travelers. In a fascinating country like Morocco, it is not easy to create tours that satisfy all those who choose to travel with us. For that reason, we are making Moroccan Contrast a representation of the authentic and diverse Morocco. We offer our clients the astounding beauty of the Atlantic Ocean with its charming villages hugging the coast. The Atlas Mountains with their rich forests, streams, and rivers, and most important, its people and their culture, are of special interest in our programs. Touring farther south and southeast is like diving into the origins of Morocco: there lies the desert, with its golden color, dramatic dunes, exotic camels, and traditional peoples – blue men, Bedouins, and nomads.

Our tours are meticulously chosen to enable our clients not only to engage with the people and understand their true culture, but also to appreciate Moroccan architecture and traditions.

Moroccan Contrast offers a variety of tours:

The Imperial Cities Tour is one of the classic trips in Morocco. It allows the traveler to be immersed in the history of the country through visiting the old sections, or as we say in Morocco, “medinas,” in big cities like Marrakech, Fes, Rabat, and Meknes.  This is the best tour for those who want to know about Morocco from the 12th Century: Arabic, Moresque, and Islamic architecture traditions and culture.

The Moroccan Cities and Desert tour are considered to be the combination of two different parts of the country. It includes the imperial cities (explained above) and desert exploration.  The latter is an opportunity for travelers interested in deep and traditional Morocco. It is in the desert where they will learn about the origins of Morocco and the history and culture of Berbers dating back more than 3000 years. Merzouga desert distinguished by the ideal atmosphere to live the real experience: ride camels, sleep under tents in the dunes, enjoy the brilliant stars in the serene night desert, meet indigenous people, enjoy folkloric music, and more, go here for more details.

Multiple excursions can be organized to customize our trips: mountains, desert, oceans, special trekking tours in the Atlas Mountains, and Ttoubkal ascent (the second highest peak in Africa).  At Moroccan Contrast, we avoid being repetitive and insist on innovation. That is why, in all our trips and excursions, we frequently offer new activities: cooking classes, food tastings, wine tastings, short treks on muleback, lunch with a Berber family, cultural tours with one of our expert guides in cities such as Marrakech, and much more.